Let it whisper  ,   Let it Sing

Let it be free from within 

Let it soar up in the sky so high 

Feel free to be what’s it meant to be

                                Sonia Kumar

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My Darling Girl- Happy 17th Birthday

Few days before she entered my life

Her name was revealed in a vision at night

When she was so small

She was so chubby and cute

She wanted all my attention

Even in the wee hours of the night

She was so reserved and quiet

Never uttering a word till it was required

Her speech was so precise and to the point

It left me wondering what was going in the deep recesses of her mind

She lived in her fantasy playing with her dolls

Happily lost in her dream world

Her heart went to the stray cats roaming around

Always trying to feed them when she saw them forlorn and wound

Reading books is her passion

Taking her on to journeys beyond and never out of fashion

Her love for food is so unparalleled

The smile on her face when she tries something new

Each taste takes her to a journey anew

and adds a sparkle in her eyes

Which makes me marvel at the sight

My baby girl has grown up to be a beautiful girl with a heart of gold

With so many ideas in her little mind still to be explored

All I can wish her is a life full of wonderful adventures

that she is waiting to embark

And hopefully as any mother’s wish

That she lives her life as she has envisioned

and she still lands safely on her two feet

My love for her cannot be expressed in such few words

She will always be my darling little girl

Lots of Luv and Hugs

Sonia Kumar


Hello Everyone !!! Hope you are all doing great. For the Indians, September and October being very busy months as we are celebrating a lot of our festivals during these months. Wishing all my Indian Readers a very Happy Deepawali- The festival of lights⚡️🚨🕯🕯🚨⚡️.

Different people believe in different stories behind the celebration of Diwali but there’s a common thread that binds all the stories i.e. the celebration of the victory of good over evil and lighting our houses with diyas and candles in a symbolic way to remove the darkness and welcoming the light.

I just wanted to share a small incident with all of you. One of our festivals Karva Chauth in which wife keeps a fast for her husband, there is a tradition of putting Henna. Few days before I was looking for a lady who could put Henna on my hands but everywhere I went they were either busy or the time didn’t suit me, I was a bit disappointed and then my daughter said Mummy I will put Henna for you. Initially I was a bit sceptical as she had never put Henna and I wondered would it become a mess but then I just thought why not let her do it if she really wanted to do it may be that’s the reason everyone is saying no to me. When she put the henna it came out really beautiful and it made my whole day more memorable.

You must be wondering why I am sharing this incident with you. Yes what I am trying to say is if in life something doesn’t work for you don’t start thinking the worst of all the situations, just think there must be something better along the way and start exploring other opportunities don’t just get stuck up in the situation and blaming your bad luck or the people involved, always try to move on.

As humans we are all always stuck to our habits, we try to do everything the same way as it’s comfortable and if we are not able to do it that way we start feeling uneasy about the whole situation. And sometimes at that moment we are not able see the bright spots because we become clouded by our pattern of thinking which is also very habitual.

So don’t get stuck to a disappointment or a situation which is not working as per our plans, it’s always better to flow and not get stuck. As one door closes for you it’s ok may be there is a better way and a better avenue waiting for us to be explored. We have to believe in a higher universe which is always supporting us and guiding us it’s only our fear about what lies ahead and getting stuck in our habits that does not let us move on.

At some point in time we have all been advised to clear the clutter in our physical environment so that we create space for more things to come our way . Similarly when we don’t get attached to disappointments and keep on flowing with life and don’t get attached to our past and learn from it and move on, if your mind is free and you are not carrying anything with you, each day is a beautiful and new day.

Its always nice to share what I learn from life with all of you.

Wishing you all once again a sparkling Diwali. Hope this Diwali you can all clear away all the clutter and move from darkness towards the light which is waiting to embrace us .

Love and Light

Sonia Kumar

The Promise of the Harvest Moon

Did you see the harvest moon

Shimmering it’s silver rays

Mesmerizing and enticing with its hypnotizing gaze

Shining it’s bright light on the cobwebs in the depths of my soul

Urging me to release what was staid and old

Telling me it was time to let go

It was pointless to hold on to what is of no use

To release what is dead and too far gone

Asking me to embrace the happiness that is all new

To all the adventures that are waiting to unfold

To all the paths that are calling to be trod on

To all the opportunities that are promising and enticing me to move on

Making a promise to enlighten my path that awaits my soul

Thank you for reading. May it enlighten your path too.

Love and Light

Sonia Kumar

A Reflection


Picture Credit – Ira Kumar

In the deep recesses of my heart

I was still and at rest

in the midst of the night

From a corner of my mind

Crept a thought

that disturbed the stillness

and the calmness of my heart

Causing a ripple

In the calm waters

The train of thoughts flowing gave it strength and stirred the pot

Each thought dragging and

weighing me down

Causing a storm raging and roaring

And raising it’s ugly head

Absorbing me to the point

That I had lost my rest

And got messed

And at unrest

I was left to wonder

That just a thought

can be an eye to the storm

Love and Light

Sonia Kumar



Hello you beautiful bloggers !!! Its been quite a journey on WordPress for me. When I started my blog I was all about sharing what I was learning on my spiritual journey . What started me was that Why should people go through the struggle and the turmoil I had gone through for the past 20 years.

I left a very good paying job 10 months back just to spend more time with my kids and to pursue my spiritual journey and on that journey I discovered I could write yes it was a surprise for me and a beautiful gift. So whenever I had these dejavu moments I used to just pen down my thoughts and share it on my blog.

Then just the end of August, I realized I don’t have many people who follow my blog and read my articles and the whole purpose of trying to be of help to someone was lost.

So I asked one of the bloggers Vinay Garg to help me and asked him how I could increase the number of people to read my blog. And he being so sweet and nice told me you have to visit more blogs and interact with them it will help you.

And on his advice I started a whole new journey of visiting more sites, reading more blogs , learning about new people and their stories and the whole journey of getting to know more people and the interactions I have had with all ofthem has been amazing , especially for a person for whom it was difficult to come out of the closet as whole my life I have always tried to stay in the background. You just opened a whole new world for me . Thank you Vinay for opening that world for me.

Today I reached the 50 followers mark and I thought it was a reason to celebrate with all of you who have read and liked my posts.

Thank you so much for being there. Cheers to all of you.

Lots of love and light.

Sonia Kumar

You can check the link for Vinay’s Blog


Have you ever wondered

Where are we going ?

Everyone is rushing

from pillar to post.

We have to do this ,

We have to do that ,

But have you wondered Why?

We have so much to do

But no time to enjoy

In this mad rush of life

With the comparison and the competition,

And the race to conquer and succeed,

We forget to get high.

We are like the fallen Crumbs

scattered and distant ,

Aimlessly surge and fall

with the tide.

Each one ebbing and flowing

cut off from the rest of the tribe.

Ask yourself this question , Why??

Thank you for reading would love to hear from all of you the answers to this question Why ??

Love and Light

Sonia Kumar


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