Let it whisper  ,   Let it Sing

Let it be free from within 

Let it soar up in the sky so high 

Feel free to be what’s it meant to be

                                Sonia Kumar

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A Reflection


Rhythm of life

This poem came out of an inspiration while I was walking at the beach (one of my favorite pastimes).

I tried to match my steps

Dragging myself to keep the pace

Dashing and running

Puffing and Panting

Forgetting to experience what was around me

The extra pace burdening me

Tiring me to my core

I felt so disheartened and disillusioned

Felt the unhappiness seep inside me

Trying to follow in someone’s footsteps

Will I ever be able to get ahead in the race of life

Will I ever be happy and joyful

I felt the need to slow down

To soak in the sun and the sand

To feel the cool breeze gushing by

To watch the ebb and the flow of the waves

Splashing and playing with the waves

And as I watched the people pass by

I felt happier and at peace

Feeling the smile spreading across my face

Wasn’t life all about

Finding your own pace

And dancing to the rhythm of life.

Sonia Kumar

Perfection ? A Prison.

I tried to repair the leaks,

To try to fix it and make it new.

An arrow shot at me,

New wounds arose.

I realized,

Mending and repairing, wasn’t that what I was doing ?

Renewing my wounds wouldn’t work no more,

It wouldn’t make me whole.

I realized,

I couldn’t go on trying to make myself perfect.

And still love who i am,

So i decided to embrace the battered and imperfect me,

And glow.

Sonia Kumar

From Someone to Nothing

On my spiritual journey

Sharing some internal experiences on my spiritual journey how my internal realm has changed since I started this journey three and a half years back

I saw everything slip by,

My thoughts

My relations

My habits

My memories

Some painful some happy,

I closed my eyes and cried.

Watching and wandering

My old life pass by,

The memories the thoughts that had bound me and held me

Had frozen me and made me feel icy inside (dead inside)

And what I had held on to for my dear life.

I felt sad I felt empty

Drowning with each wave

Each storm which shook me and made me feel i had no face

As each storm passed I was emptier in its wake.

Slowly life slipping through my fingers like sand and water

I could cry no more

I questioned was anything my own

But I understood that I had to let go.

I opened my eyes to see the clouds part

And a sun shining bright

And the sky so blue

And there was still a life for me in the world outside

I was still floating in its aftermath

Lighter and happier with each stroke

Glowing and Growing as I awoke

I was struck awed with the thought,

That what I held on to was the cause of the pain and the misery.

Sonia Kumar

Girl on the Swing

Feeling happy and blessed to finish my first acrylic painting and a poem to go with it.

The Peace Within

She swayed with the winds

Uprooted by the storms

Not able to stand on her own

The voices outside urging her to follow and abide

Drowning the voice that was in her heart

The pulls and pushes

Each day brought

The decision was tough

Should she listen to the chatter outside

Or her heart which had always proved right

Should she stand for her ideas,unexplored and unfamiliar

A lifetime of indecision

She had come to the point

Where she had finally grown

She knew that she would always follow her heart

The happiness and joy that spread inside

She knew she was free from the storms outside

Sonia Kumar

Acceptance – Key to move forward

Hey Everyone !!! I hope you are all doing great . A very long time since I have written but here I am back with another key lesson I have learned on my journey and eager to share it with you all.

You all know when we are young we all are strong have so much enthusiasm and energy and anything we see around us we all have certain opinions and certain judgements about each situation and want to change people , situations , our circumstances as per our thinking and what we consider right.

We are always quick to an argument , want to show the people and the world around us and what is wrong with them and being so full of ourselves that only we know the right way, the right things and always passing judgements on everything and everyone that does not move as per our way of thinking.

In this struggle for superiority we forget that to stay with the feeling of I am right we go to great lengths just to prove to the family, to the people around us and to the world at large . We invest so much time and energy to prove to everyone that we are right. And then when the people around us don’t accept we go to greater lengths to prove our superiority and sometimes we spend most of our lives trying to prove that . It’s just a vicious cycle and we keep struggling with the things again and again and still cannot move forward.

It’s just like a boomerang the more we struggle the more it becomes part of our life because when we are struggling we are so focused on the issue at hand our thoughts create more situations of similar kind and we keep getting deeper in to the struggle.

The only way forward is to accept people , situations as they are. Have you ever looked at yourself are you perfect ? Have you never made a mistake ? So if you are not the embodiment of perfection then why do you expect everyone around you should be . We all are different people with different experiences and different ways of seeing things then if you want to be accepted the way you are then why can’t we accept other people and situations the same way .

See it from another angle if we are all the same perfect, no differences same thoughts , similar faces similar habits won’t that be really suffocating. You just imagine and it will be like just seeing copies of ourselves around us . so the little differences , and what we call the imperfections in each persons behavior add the variety and spice in our lives.

So all I am saying is that once we stop struggling with the situation at hand and make peace with it and know that we cannot change it and accept the imperfections , then we start thinking of how to start making best use of the situation at hand.

A very common example is that a fish is meant to swim so swimming is its strength similarly the strength of a bird is flying so if we ask the fish to fly and the bird to swim and if it fails that doesn’t mean it’s stupid . So each of us has our strengths and weaknesses so believe in your strengths and accept your short falls it will make life easier for you and the people around you.

The only way forward is hone your strengths and if someone else is really good in something appreciate it and join together you can make an impact and difference that you would not be able to make alone.

It’s a fallacy to say that I can do everything alone. In life we are interdependent on people for so many things but our acceptance of that would help us appreciate the people around us and how they add value to our life . One finger alone cannot do anything but when we join them it becomes our hand and our strength and we can perform so many things with our hands.

Just an example of how judgements can put barriers in our relationship is just take an example that we are going over a situation and there are two people A and B they are dealing with a situation A advises something to B, B instead of listening says I am not stupid I also know all this. The intention of A was to tell the person his perspective but B judged the advise as a judgement of himself being stupid and thus a barrier is created between the two. Next time even if A wants to help B he will think twice should I help or not another barrier created by an opinion . On the other hand B was very angry at A so now he wants to talk to B but as he had been rude to A his ego will not let him talk to A again a barrier is created . So unknowingly we create barriers and struggle with each other. If instead of always forming opinions we try to listen and accept people as they are life will not be a struggle.

A simple case is about a situation in office where normally there are always Office timings which need to be adhered to by everyone but as the management was lenient and ignored some people, who took advantage of it . Then one day there was a change in orders from above that everyone has to adhere strictly to Office timings and salaries will be cut if you are not in time. Some people changed as per the situation and started coming on time but a few got stuck in the situation and formed an opinion that there was a personal agenda against them and made a big mountain about the whole situation and the more they pushed , the mountain became bigger. And the opinion they formed in their mind it just made them go round and round in circles and they kept feeling stigmatized and threatened by the situation and those who adapted and changed their course they moved on. If we observe nature, a river when it faces a mountain adapts and finds a course around the mountain it doesn’t struggle against it . If it started struggling against the mountain it can never move forward, so in our lives we need to accept change and adapt as per situation . Our main goal in life is to move forward not to get stuck and struggle with situations.

This article has taken a few months to shape up . Also want to share that each article I write is a lesson I have experienced and learnt on my journey in spirituality and observing through meditation different situations that we all face in our day to day life . So hope you get enriched by this experience and are able to adapt and change your way of life.

Love and Light 🙏

Sonia Kumar


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