HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 ✨🎆🌟🎆✨

Jag dhoondiya koi na mila

Har jagah mein dhundati phira

Kabhi idhar Kabhi udhar

Us sukoon ko us pyar ko

Us dil ke armaan ko

Jadd mein niraash ho kein

Baithi toh samajh ayya

Ki jisko mein dhoond rahi hoon

Gali Gali Koocha Koocha

Woh toh mere paas hi hain

Na Jaana pada mujhe Mandir

Na Masjid Na Gurdwara

Na Paaharon pein na Samundar mein

Woh toh chupa hua dil ke kisi kone mein

Ek moti ki tarah

Bas intezaar mein ki kabh Yeh dhundali nazar saaf ho

Toh hum pehchaan paye useh

Hey Everyone Hope you all had a great night celebrating the passing of the old year and bringing in the new. Wishing you all a new year full of new paths, new discoveries loads of good health and surrounded by loads of happiness. In all the mayhem and competitiveness don’t forget to honor who you are, love yourself unconditionally and the godliness within. Happy New Year to all of you

Sonia Kumar

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Hello! Friends,

I had gone to attend the Heartfulness seminar for the MENA region which was held in Kanha Shantivanam and wanted to share that experience with all of you.


Can I be you

Should I be me

The thought reverberated

I came looking for an answer

I looked I searched

with my eyes wide open

I saw I observed

But couldn’t find the answer

Then I closed my eyes

and looked inside

My heart melted and dissolved

The whole universe

The earth, the bird, the trees

The humans around me

Each one of us dissolved

And became one

There was no you and no me

It was just a feeling of oneness

Each one of us

a reflection of the other

Dissolving merging

No boundaries, No buts

Just that we were all one

Sang the whole universe

The whole experience of coming to Kanha was beyond words, It was just like being surrounded with love and only love given unconditionally. It didn’t matter you were a human or a part of nature, it was just there. It didn’t matter you are part of the system or not, It was just there. You just had to open your heart to experience it. Because the most beautiful experiences happen when you close your eyes and feel.
I am grateful beyond words to have experienced this unconditional love and Daaji for making this beautiful journey happen for me. It is the most wonderful and amazing thing you can do for mankind and this universe and an amazing gift you are giving to the world- LOVE. It’s just beyond words. I bow to you 🙏🙏

Sonia Kumar

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A Walk by the Sea

A beautiful day

With so many sights to see

The wind chilly

The sun playing hide and seek

We took a walk by the sea

the water blue and clear

Hand in hand

Listening to the seagulls,

their voices loud and shrill

A ship sailing afar

An otter playing in the waves,

head bobbing up and down

An artist sketching on a bench

lost in his own thoughts

People chatting and talking

Children playing

It was all a sight to see

We sat on a bench

Hearts together

Not a word to say

Our hearts filled with love

A lifetime of sharing

Taking in the beautiful sights

Time stood still

The magic of the moments uncaptured

But engraved in our hearts forever

It was a beautiful day indeed

Sonia Kumar

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Let it whisper  ,   Let it Sing

Let it be free from within 

Let it soar up in the sky so high 

Feel free to be what’s it meant to be

                                Sonia Kumar

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My daughter just joined college so an advice to her and all the children who are taking a step out of their cosy nests and starting a new chapter in their lives. Wishing them all the success and happiness and always remember

“You will get there,

but only if you keep going “

Open your arms to this wide world

Embrace life as it comes

Someone can call it pain

but others may think it as learning

Someone can call it pleasure

but others might think it as experience

Each one his own

Keep moving Keep experiencing

Be happy Be gay and smile

Today has gone

Tomorrow will be another beautiful day

Sonia Kumar

I Feel Beautiful Tonight

I feel beautiful tonight,

No cares, No fears;

Just being me in this wide world.

I feel beautiful tonight,

No airs, No scares;

And what do I hear, the music in my ears.

I am beautiful tonight,

A step, A twirl;

A little dance that I love,

I smile from ear to ear.

I feel beautiful tonight,

Love the sky, the earth,

They whisper in my ears

I am beautiful tonight.

Sonia Kumar

A Reflection


Rhythm of life

This poem came out of an inspiration while I was walking at the beach (one of my favorite pastimes).

I tried to match my steps

Dragging myself to keep the pace

Dashing and running

Puffing and Panting

Forgetting to experience what was around me

The extra pace burdening me

Tiring me to my core

I felt so disheartened and disillusioned

Felt the unhappiness seep inside me

Trying to follow in someone’s footsteps

Will I ever be able to get ahead in the race of life

Will I ever be happy and joyful

I felt the need to slow down

To soak in the sun and the sand

To feel the cool breeze gushing by

To watch the ebb and the flow of the waves

Splashing and playing with the waves

And as I watched the people pass by

I felt happier and at peace

Feeling the smile spreading across my face

Wasn’t life all about

Finding your own pace

And dancing to the rhythm of life.

Sonia Kumar

Perfection ? A Prison.

I tried to repair the leaks,

To try to fix it and make it new.

An arrow shot at me,

New wounds arose.

I realized,

Mending and repairing, wasn’t that what I was doing ?

Renewing my wounds wouldn’t work no more,

It wouldn’t make me whole.

I realized,

I couldn’t go on trying to make myself perfect.

And still love who i am,

So i decided to embrace the battered and imperfect me,

And glow.

Sonia Kumar

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