Let it whisper  ,   Let it Sing

Let it be free from within 

Let it soar up in the sky so high 

Feel free to be what’s it meant to be

                                Sonia Kumar

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The Broken Kite

The fear of being abandoned

The fear of being stranded

The endless wait

For the child was a torture

Waiting each day

For their loving arms

The child waited patiently

Each day, Each night

The thought reverberating

They will be loved and embraced

And will be held tight

But the wait continued

till the end of time

The people she waited for

Never came

They were too busy

And no inkling to her plight

The thought that she was loved

Shattered to many pieces

Instilling a fear

so deep in her bones

She felt small and alone

A broken kite drifting away

Castaway, with no wings

Blown away with the tides

and the winds

The cord broken

Never to return home

Sonia Kumar

The Wild Child

The wild child that was I

The curiosity to try

The need to experience

The urge to know

Beyond what was present

What could be heard

Or could be seen

Of the world that was present

Wanting to go further

Go behind doors unopened

The need to reveal

The secret, The layers

Which only few had realized

And were unknown

To feel the breeze

To bask in the sunshine

To smile without a care

To laugh with abandon

To dance to my heartbeats

Each day, Each moment

Chasing each butterfly

With awe and wonder

Each day ready

For a new adventure

Uninhibited and Carefree

I was a wild child

Who could disagree

Sonia Kumar

A Mirror to Yourself

When you keep complaining

When you keep judging

When you only find fault

In everything around you

In everyone around you

Isn’t it time to think

That can everyone be wrong

When people don’t meet your expectations

When people don’t do what you say

That you have the right

To categorize them

To belittle them

To judge them

And sit on your high stool

And pass statements

Of being righteous and pure

Isn’t it time to think, to ponder

It takes two to make a right

And two to make a wrong

Can you be honest about it

Look at your intentions

And your thoughts

Have you done no wrong

Do you have no fault

Did you never make mistakes

That today you can expect

Each one to be

Who you want them to be

And if you want that of them

Can’t you expect the same from you

Because what you see around you

Is a reflection of who you are

So look at yourself

Before pointing a finger

As the same is reflecting

Back to you

Sonia Kumar

Coming in to the Light

I was buried in the mud

With only darkness around

Blinded by the blackness

I had no way to come out

There was mud thrown over

I kept shrinking inside

Withdrawing from the world

Which I felt was cruel

And full of hatred

The catcalls, the booing

The mudslinging

pushed me deeper and deeper

into the recesses of my soul

Making me wonder why why

Was it happening to me

And I felt so lonely inside

It made me work harder

Each day trying to perfect

Whatever I knew

Trying to learn new things

And getting better and better

Fighting the sarcasm,

The belittling looks

With work all around

And every day going deeper

in to my soul

As that was the only place

I found solace

The judgements, the opinions

Kept pushing me deeper

Towards the light shining bright

Each step away from the world

Brought me closer to my soul

The more closer

I crept towards my source

It was like a sun shining bright

Which took me in its fold

It cradled me like a baby

With love all around

Burning all the malice

and the slander

And spread its light

Till I was lighted

and shining bright

And ready to spread the light

Sonia Kumar

Please Watch “Do Ladke Ma Ke Bete” on YouTube It’s a sad story about the Pulwama attack

Happiness within

A beautiful hour spent with differently abled children who showered us with so much love that we felt high.

In a world where people have so much but still cannot share, these children with hearts of gold shared with us so much love and happiness God Bless them always

Can you feel the breeze

Kissing the cheeks

Hair flying all over

Sun hitting our eyes

But our spirits are

Flying high

The love that we received

From the angels

with their hugs and smiles

And left us ecstatic

And dreamy eyed

A New Beginning – The Year Gone By

Hello Everyone!

Sharing with you my joy and happiness on my path to recovery. Last year was a difficult year health wise. I was made aware my heart was working 30% which led to sluggishness and very less energy. Each day I had to pull myself up and talk to myself and be thankful for all the gifts that the universe had endowed on me and to be happy. To keep having faith in life and a positive outlook.

When I sometimes mentioned to doctors that I will heal and become better and their doubtful expressions which I saw on their faces did not deter me from my belief. My positive attitude finally made the miracle happen and the last visit to the doctor, I was informed my heart was working 45%, which made me feel so elated and joyful.

I just want to share with all my well wishers, friends and family who have been by my side and supported me throughout this phase, and I am really grateful for their support.

Penning down a small poem for the year gone by and hope it acts as an inspiration for all of you, that in life whatever comes accept it with open arms and stay positive, it will make a big difference to your lives.

The hopelessness, The despair

The shock, The understanding

That followed of the events gone by

What had life given me

Did I ask for it? Why?

Were the questions

That raced through my mind

It took me a while to understand

The tiredness in my bones

No energy to move on

Sleeping through the days

Seeing everyone rushing

Excited about life

Lots of things to do

And me living in my hole

Not wanting to move

The days passed by

Sometimes sad,

sometimes full of hope

For the better times

That I started dreaming of.

I meditated, I rested

Filling my days

with my children’s lives

Their dreams, Their hopes

Their aspirations

Their hugs, Their jokes

That’s what I lived for.

Quietly an understanding

crept on me

Asking me to stop

To think for a while

To enjoy to cherish

All that I had

And be grateful

What had started as hopeless

and full of despair

Turned out to be beautiful

And beyond words

The tentacles of sadness

Which had gripped me

And held me captive

In its dark recesses

Could hold me no longer

As its prisoner

I had broken the binds

And shackles

And moved on

To a life not bound

Not defined

By the world outside

Have a wonderful day. Stay Blessed

Sonia Kumar

A Day to Remember

Hi Everyone!!

Hope you are all doing great.

Just going down memory lane, I want to share a day which brought a lot of butterflies in my stomach. The culmination of a month of hard work, the bringing together of so many people of different age groups, to performing the final dance in the stadium.

It was a big step and a great effort put by Kings United-Dance Academy Muscat lead by Tejas Udani Gupta, her dance teachers Gargi, Kajal and Swapnil to put the whole act together. Despite the various issues, the tensions arising out of difference of opinions, the issues of children not coming on time, trying to get the steps right for each and every person of the 100 and more participants, the performance was spectacular and the star event of the whole day.

I was deeply involved in the event as my daughter Ruhin was a part of the dance. I have penned a small poem on the mood and atmosphere of the day and am sharing it with all of you.
The tension building
The hours of practice

The days of anticipation

The waiting to dance

Driving them to distraction

The atmosphere electric

With excitement and anticipation

The eagerness, The enthusiasm

of the performers

to dance with the stars

Had reached a crescendo

Outside there was a frenzy

Some coming to see the

little stars dance,

Some to watch the stars

in a friendly match.

The wait was over

The Programme started

With Felicitations, Honors, Welcoming

And the usual announcements

The dancers came

from the little tiny ones,

The teenagers and the ladies

Each one eager to dance

To the rhythm of the beats

The film stars came

Some matching their steps

Some dancing to their own beats

The dance was a big treat

A joyous part of the celebration

Which set the tempo

And hearts beating

For the match that followed

During the practices everyone built some real bonds, new friends and so many beautiful memories which all of us will carry for a long time. A couple of the participants Meeta and Neetu Chabria shared that they will miss the everyday dance practice, getting together each evening, sharing the excitement, the fun, the laughter and the light moments,which just feels so true. Despite being a distant participant I also miss those moments. It was indeed a wonderful experience, all thanks to the sincere efforts of Tejas Udani Gupta, her team and the participants . A big applause for all of them 👏👏.

Sonia Kumar

A Meeting with a Star

A lazy Friday morning

Up bright and happy

For my daughter’s

Dance performance

To dance with the stars

Just the thought of it

filled her with thrill

and excitement

We had lost hope

Of meeting the star

The call came

And we were struck

By its suddenness

Our wishes had become a reality.

We were all excited

There was a rush

A sudden urgency

To quickly dress up and head to the meeting ahead

The awe, The excitement

The sudden rush

I never knew I could act like that

In my mind I was on Cloud Nine

We waited at the lobby

Our hearts fluttering

Stunned by the possibilities

of the meeting ahead

He received us in his room

With a smile and a handshake

Our tongues tied

Was I living a dream

Or was it a reality

After a minute of greetings

A moment of recollecting

The old connection, which was lost

came to a head, of the time spent

By Sonu Sood and Amit

During their college together

Some talk, Some moments

Some pictures we shared

And it was time to say Goodbye

The meeting so fleeting

But still so real

It left us intoxicated and joyous

The euphoria, the high spirit

With the meeting of a star

Made me wonder

Was I covered in Stardust

And floating in the sky above

Sonia Kumar

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